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Everyone knows data is king. Economic success in the future will be determined by knowing how to access it, analyze it and protect it. The Computational Data Science Labs will help you secure that knowledge by giving you access to the world's top data science researchers and facilitating collaborations that could change the world forever.

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As the top-ranked computer science school in the country, Carnegie Mellon is uniquely positioned to offer your company the data science insight it needs to be successful. When you become a member of the Computational Data Science Labs, you gain access to our world-renowned experts in the field, participate in groundbreaking research and even have the opportunity to provide continuing education for your employees.

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The search for parking: a thing of the past?

There's a huge demand for intelligent video surveillance, but right now nearly all cameras need to be watched to be effective — which takes a tremendous amount of manpower. Alex Hauptmann, a principal systems scientist in the Language Technologies Institute, is channeling work in speech analysis to create algorithms that scan video feeds and analyze their content. One concrete example of his work: real-time information for parking at the airport.