Problems We Solve

The Computational Data Science Labs is a venture of Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute (LTI). The mission of the CDSL is to work with industry leaders to develop software tools that support the adaptation, integration and testing of the newest technologies in the fields of data science and language technologies. Our areas of functionality include information retrieval, big data analytics, question-answering, event detection, multimodal computing and interaction, natural language processing and more.

In practical terms, the faculty researchers of the CDSL will work with our constituent members to develop solutions to interesting research problems across our areas of expertise. We help companies to replace “solutions” that don’t fit because they lack the expert parameter tuning that our world-renowned experts can provide. That means building things like parking lot security cameras that direct you to the best available parking spot and intelligent systems that extract relevant data from huge databases of complex medical research findings. Our short-term goals are determined through collaboration between our researchers and the companies we partner with, but our long-term goals are clear: using cutting edge techniques to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

For more information, see our faculty profiles.