Why Computational Data Science?

Data is king. Economic success in the future will be determined by knowing how to access it, analyze it and protect it. The Computational Data Science Labs will help you secure that knowledge by giving you access to the world's top data science researchers and their students, and facilitate collaborations that could change the world forever.

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As the top-ranked computer science school in the country, Carnegie Mellon is uniquely positioned to offer your company the data science insight it needs to solve, innovate, and succeed. When you become a member of the Computational Data Science Labs, you gain access to world-renowned experts in processing large-scale data (unstructured and structured) of all kinds, the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research, provide continuing education to your employees, and more.

Our areas of expertise include Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Information Extraction, Summarization & Question Answering, Information Retrieval, Text Mining & Analytics, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning & Acquisition, Language Technologies for Education, Machine Learning, Machine Translation, Multimodal Computing and Interaction, Speech Processing, and Spoken Interfaces & Dialogue Processing.

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Changing How We Do Science Through Natural Language Processing

Imagine you're a cancer researcher. The literature corpus is vast and expanding every day, and though current searchable databases may contain the studies that fit your experimental parameters, you still need to find and read the relevant papers and evaluate their findings to see if they would fit your mode. What would help you tremendously — and speed up the rate at which cancer research in general is accomplished — would be a program that could not only scan papers for your search terms, but could also extract the results of each study and clearly communicate them to you. This is happening now at Carnegie Mellon.