Why Computational Data Science?

We live in a world inundated with data. For companies, being able to harness, access and apply that data may mean the difference between success and failure. The field of data science has made great strides in recent years towards those ends, but in many cases, off-the-shelf products just don’t have the power or precision to process the vast troves of unstructured data that companies must utilize to be their best. When the stakes are the highest, the most innovative industry leaders don’t buy a product to solve their data problems – they invent one.

Carnegie Mellon University and the School of Computer Science have a long-established reputation as pioneers in the world of computer science because our world-renowned researchers refuse to stay in the realm of theory – we use the newest ideas and the most advanced tools to build things that work. The Computational Data Science Labs were established to use that track record of real-world innovation to help industry-leading companies understand their audiences, improve their business processes, and build smarter technologies at the cutting edge of data science.